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Immerse yourself in the elegant and modest world of Melianak with our special collection of hijab swimsuit, designed to combine faith, functionality and fashion. Our unique designs, combining anti-UV protection and respect for the principles of modesty, are the result of in-house creation and production, ensuring unrivaled quality and originality.

Swim tunic

Comfort and elegance with our hijab swimsuits

At Melianak, we understand the importance of a hijab-friendly swimsuit that provides both coverage and style. Whether you are looking for a swimsuit with a built-in hijab or a hijab swimsuit that adapts to your beach wardrobe, our collection meets all your expectations.

Innovation in the service of modesty

Our Muslim hijab swimsuits are designed for women who don't want to choose between their beliefs and their love of water. With options like the modest hijab swimsuit, every woman can find happiness in the water while staying true to her principles.

Melianak swimsuit: Unique and protective

Each Melianak hijab swimsuit is made with high-quality anti-UV fabrics, ensuring not only optimal sun protection but also exceptional durability and comfort. Our designs, ranging from halal swimsuit to sportier options, offer a variety adapted to every style and need.

A style that suits you

Melianak celebrates the diversity of styles with its range of swimwear for women hijab. Each piece is an invitation to express your unique personality, whether you opt for a hijab friendly swimsuit or a more classic style. Discover our full range and find the jersey that speaks to you.

Join the Melianak community

Embrace swimwear fashion that respects your values. With our hijab swimsuits, enjoy every moment by the water with complete confidence and elegance. Explore our muslim swimwear collection to discover the extent of our commitment to modest fashion.

At Melianak, we are more than a brand; we are a movement towards more inclusive, respectful and elegant fashion. Our hijab swimwear reflects this commitment, effortlessly combining style, comfort and principles.

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