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Immerse yourself in elegance and conformity with the collection of halal swimwear by Melianak, where each piece reflects a perfect marriage between style, comfort and halal principles. Our swimsuits, designed and produced exclusively by us, offer not only superior UV protection but also adherence to the values ​​of modesty and modesty.

Swim tunic

Our range of halal swimwear

At Melianak, we offer a variety of halal swimwear for women, each a work of art designed to respect your beliefs without compromising your love of the sea and the pool. Whether you are looking for a classic halal swimsuit or an option incorporating a hijab, you will find the ideal piece with us for your swimming and aquatic activities.

Design and compliance

Our halal swimwear combines modern design with compliance with Islamic principles, providing a perfect solution for women looking to remain modest while still enjoying the pleasures of the water. Discover our varied selection, including our special range of swimwear with hijab, to find the swimsuit that meets your needs and tastes.

UV protection

Protecting your skin is a top priority for Melianak. Our swimsuits are made with high-quality anti-UV materials, ensuring optimal sun protection while being soft and comfortable for the skin. With Melianak, enjoy the sun in complete safety.

Choose Melianak for your halal swimsuit

We understand the importance of having a swimsuit that respects your halal values ​​while allowing you to feel beautiful and comfortable. Our muslim swimwear collection offers a diversity of styles and cuts, ensuring that every woman finds what she is looking for.

Join the Melianak community

Join the Melianak family and enjoy a unique swimming experience, where modesty, style and protection go hand in hand. Discover our collection and find the halal swimsuit that will accompany you in all your aquatic adventures, reflecting your identity and your values.

At Melianak, every swimsuit is a promise of quality, style and respect for halal principles, giving you the freedom to enjoy the water on your terms.

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